Monday, September 5, 2011

Watermelon sorbet FAIL

So I had leftover watermelon, and I looked up recipes to make sorbet, but something went amiss between the thought "hey I should make watermelon sorbet" and "holy shit this smells like a sewage spill". Into the trash! No dessert today. Well, I made a smoothie. I'm the smoothie queen.

This week was almond milk, peaches, banana, strawberries and ice. I never need to add white sugar... although technically there is cane juice in the almond milk... so... I guess I'm a cheater. Don't let me near a blackjack table, Vegas!

But hey, I encourage you to get out the blender and have fun. Make concoctions. Get the kids and make edible science experiments :-) Let me know what happens!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lime chicken - recipe

Ok so dig it like somehow I came back from Texas with a lime in my purse. I'm pretty sure this was Eric Keyes's doing so anyway I'm like, hey, I'm going to cut this bad boy up and plant these seeds and grow me some of my very own limes. For what purpose I do not know at said time. Well son of a gun it's seedless. So here I am with a cut up seedless lime and it's about 8 in the p.m. so I guess I should make dinner... so here we go!

Adjust accordingly...
What you'll need:
2 Chicken Breasts (unless you buy those monstrosities at Whoole Foods, then you'll need like 1/2 of one)
a lime
1/2 c flour (I use organic unbleached)
1/4-1/2 tsp salt (I use sea salt)
1 1/2 TB butter
1-2 cloves garlic, diced
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (trust me, it aint gonna make it all spicy)
a dash of nutmeg

Take 2 chicken breasts (I cut into quarters so I have 8 small pieces of chicken), throw them in a bowl with the flour and salt (I don't like a lot of salt, so that's why I suggest using more if you are a salt fiend, or a smoker) and toss around.

Meanwhile, in a skillet (big enough to hold all the chicken breasts or pieces), melt the butter on low and throw in the diced up garlic (again, as in the butter instance, see above, if you're a garlic lover, add more, otherwise, stick with less) and the cayenne til it's all melted together.

Shake off the chicken and really make sure that while it's sufficiently coated, that you don't have a thick layer of flour, otherwise, you are going to taste it later, and if you were one of those kids who though "shit, I wonder what plain flour tastes like" you know what I'm talking about.

Ok I went off track. I use tongs, but use whatever you want, and gently place the chicken into the skillet. Don't drop unless you are into having flaming hot butter fly onto your skin and sear you like a calf being branded. Now here is where it gets tricky: depending on the size of the chicken, you are going to have to cook it at varying times, some longer than others. Flip about half way. If you aren't sure if it's done, just cut into it. It's way easier than playing with that thermometer you received as a wedding gift that is still in the package. Or in our case, we broke trying to fry an egg on the engine of the truck

Once the chicken is cooked through and through, place on a dish and squeeze fresh lime over... if it has seeds, squeeze upright, catching the seeds at the top, or be fancy and get yerself some cheesecloth next time yer at Whole Foods.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

My recovery

Hey y'all!
My recovery for my knee is going really well! I wore jeans for the first time this week and while it's still a little weird, it's good progress! My physiotherapist says I progressed faster than he ever thought and I have great range of motion and flexibility. Rick and I had hoped to go on a hike today for our 6 month anniversary but a major thunderstorm thwarted our plans. Boo on that!

My knee did hold up in our attempts to go to Riverbend. We missed Miranda Lambert cause of a different storm, and ended up staying in with my Mom and watching Gulliver's Travels (with Jack Black) which was really cute! We also missed Alan Jackson because we sort of got into a fight with a big ol broad who was pushing around lil kids. Uncool in our book! We DID see Huey Lewis and the News and Starship with Mickey Thomas, which was totally badass!

Well I am going to post this before we lose power for the 8th time today.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yahoo's Ikea article

I totally disagree with the first item in this article --> <-- My mattress at my parent's house is from Ikea (going on 8 years) and my husband and I bought a wonderful mattress from Ikea when we first moved to Chattanooga. We bought the box spring locally (we had a coupon and dangit, it's a boxspring) but we absolutely love our mattress. And we sleep just as well when we are at home at my parent's house in Las Vegas.

Now we both agree, you have to know a bit of what you are doing when assembling these items (the few times my husband ever swears lol) and yes, a lot of their products are made from pressed wood (you have to be careful there and read the product info carefully), but we love so many of our items from there, which is nearly half of our house. These items are surpassing the also real wood (we buy real wood 90% of the time) items purchased locally and from (omg we will get together and rant later about that!).

Feel free to chime in, but that is our opinions.

Much love,
Rick and Heather

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surgery and my MIA

Hey y'all!
I've been a bit absent but I have a few reasons. #1 I had surgery. It was knee surgery to fix an old injury from snowboarding, then a more recent injury to the old injury slipping on the ice trying to take a romantic stroll with my darling boyfriend (Rick, my hubby now) and the doctor said it was a great success! So I should be back in the kitchen soon kiddies!

I hope you enjoyed my post on face junk. I have to say, for someone who has been bathing in the sink since Tuesday (it's now 2 am Monday morning), I can't believe how much I rely on these simple at home concoctions. They've helped me stay clean and fresh!

I have also been working on vegan muffins for my dear twitter friend (follow her, she is the effin BOMB)Audrey Layne!/AudreyLayne (her twitter has a link to her kickin etsy shop).

Finally, I've been busy working on my orders from Rockin Baja in SoCal and for catering the sweets for a government function, also in Cali.

Please keep emailing your lovely recipes and ideas. Much love to you all!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter sandwiches!

As any good Bad Catholic, my Dad and I celebrated Good Friday with Salami sandwiches. Rick would not partake and opted for his veggie burgers. He's not even Catholic and he's better than us! He he he anyway we were able to score some fairly decent french bread (not that soft mushy junk), and we clear out a bit of the insides to make room for genoa salami, american cheese, a little chopped tomato, diced bell pepper (any color), diced celery, a little onion (we use yellow), a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of italian seasoning and voila! A sandwich fit for the Gods. Exhibit A:

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Face junk

As my Dad calls it! Anyway, with the ever changing weather round these parts, my skin is paying the price for love :-) I have a few tricks that I thought I'd share with you.

I like to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time, so I take about a tablespoon of brown sugar (turbinado sugar works just as well) and I pour olive oil in, just enough to make a paste. Then just rub all over your face (or arms, neck, legs, feet, where ever!) for about 60 seconds, then rinse with warm water. You will have to rinse for what seems like forever, as it takes a few splashes to get the olive oil mostly off. You don't want it completely off as it will continue to moisturize your skin. Now, I warn you, it smells odd. Not bad per se, just odd, and that only lasts while you are using. Afterward, you skin should feel very smooth.

When my face needs to be soothed, I use a very simple mask. I take a tablespoon of baking soda, and add just a splash of water to make a paste. Spread all over your face and let dry. I recommend staying in the bathroom because as the baking soda dries, it powders and flakes off a dust. After it's completely dry, rinse with warm water.

When my skin needs a little toning up, I take the whites of two eggs, beat them with a fork until they are frothy, and cover my face with them. Let it dry, then just rinse with warm water.

A great toner and alternative to alcohol for pesky pimples is lemon juice.

Also my great aunt swears by milk all over your face every night before bed for the prevention of wrinkles and for porcelain skin. I use milk to calm my face when it's upset.

That's all my tips for today y'all! Any question just email me :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini muffin obsession

Round here we bow to the mini muffin. I have no idea where the idea came from to start making them, but it started with banana, then pumpkin, and we now have a repertoire of muffin recipes that we rotate. My husband enjoys them faster than I can get my hands on them, so I have to hide a few in the back of the fridge or eat them right out of the oven! I think his favorite is my pumpkin recipe. I also bought some one time use mini loaf pans to try out the recipes as loafs, and they are working out wonderfully! I totally recommend you hit up your local World Market and buy a dozen of the silicone mini cups for $2.49 and try it out. Normally I despise the silicone, but for the mini muffins, they are delightful.

Tip: cleaning the cups seems easiest by soaking in soapy water in the sink then rinse and allow to dry. Also, I still use non-stick spray on them cause I'm a grease queen. Nothing sticks in this house baby!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sickness & bum knees

We had a house guest who left us the gift of respiratory infections. Yay! That was FUN. For two weeks we only left the house to go as far as the drug store. We watched a lot of boob tube during that time. Yep, quality television time, as my husband put it ;-) Even still we had a pretty good time listenin to new music we unnecessarily downloaded and read and googled the stupidest things we could think of. Then, when we're all better, my knee decides to go for one final push and just up and die on me. So now I walk funny. Insert your jokes here --->

We DID however purchase our tickets to see Kenny Chesney with Billy Currington, Zac Brown Band and Uncle Kracker! Being members of the fan club got us some SWEET seats. So if you are at our house, you are pretty much only going to here those four artists on the stereo til sometime in May... take your chances if you dare!

I do have a post about pasta salad and updates on the makeup bag I'm making for my Mum that I'll try to post up today or tomorrow. I'm a bum, but I'm okay with it, so that's all that really matters :-)

See you cats later!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Earth Hour 2011!

How did you spend yours? We spent ours watching the lightening and listening to the thunder overhead. My husband went to get food and saw the lightening 20 feet in front of him that set off 3 car alarms in our neighborhood! He said he's never felt so energized.  Well as part of this year's commitment, we decided to watch less television. Last year we converted completely to CFL bulbs in the entire house. We like to try add a new thing every year to our huge list of granola crunching tree hugging dirty hippie eco friendly way of life.  Yep. We're those people. I know what you are thinking... and no, we aren't really that bad :-) I stole that line from my godmother. We are still rockin out hair dying meat eating freaks, just really into organic and sustainable living in the most eco friendly way possible. Name calling may commence. But no cow patty throwing, that's just wrong.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Craftines of another kind

So this post is less about my projects and cooking as it is about me being sick and lazy. My latest moment of brilliance: toasting BWW's leftover wings (on the lowest setting). They are magnificently delicious. See?
Two parmesan garlic and one mild. That celery is greener than it looks, but I took this with my phone, before the camera on it died, THANK YOU VERIZON. Yes, they will have the distinct pleasure of hearing my gorgeous voice first thing tomorrow morning!

Not sure if I blogged on my sickness, but I lost my voice last saturday and it's slowly returning. I've been told I sound like:

-Rod Stewart (I took it as a compliment. It was not. I sang the Faces songs all the way home anyway)
-a truck stop diner waitress with a 30 year 2 pack a day habit
-Janis Joplin (for a couple days I had a nasally thing going on w/the laryngitis)
-Death, if it were a woman

Do I look as bad as I sound? (It'd be better if I had a sound clip, I suppose)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Pumpkin Muffins - an attempt

An attempt that came out great! I spent hours looking up recipes and couldn't find one I liked, so I took some time at the dining room table and worked one out. Then it stayed there for a few days til I had the crazy nerve to try it.

mixin it all up!
So despite the pumpkin coming out of a can, all my other ingredients are organic and/or locally grown/made, and include vegan approved sugar.

I sifted and whisked the dry ingredients, then whisked the wet ingredients, then slowly mixed the dry into the wet. Had a pretty good consistency!

So I spoon little scoops into my favorite mini muffin pan and pop them into the oven -->

And after being husband taste tested and very much approved, I popped them all into a serving dish and they became a favorite snack in the house and were gone before I could blink! All in all, I think it was a great success, plus they are low fat, low sugar, yet so delish they could surpass the snack my hubby scarfs them as and jump straight to a yummy dessert. I'm seriously thinking whipped cream. No, vanilla bean ice cream over warm mini pumpkins... yes!

I also bought some mini loaf pans to see how it comes out as a breadish type loaf... now THAT would be good warm with ice cream!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snack time

I'm currently working on making a makeup bag for my Mom (pics later) and I took a break and thought I'd share one of my favorite snacks...

It's celery with cream cheese. I usually put golden raisins on top, but I was out today.  Another variation of this, and also a favorite snack of mine, is celery with peanut butter and dark raisins on top.

And in other news, my photos will be better soon as the hubby and I bought a new camera! Woo hoo!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Banana muffins

I said I would post the recipe and I completely forgot. But, it's Fannie Farmer's recipe for banana nut bread. The only thing is if you make them into muffins, use at least 1-2 extra bananas.  Also, the mini muffins are great cold (my husband eats them by the threes that way!) but I like to pop one in the microwave for 8 seconds and have it warm.

I also love cream cheese on my banana bread, and you can easily warm the mini muffins, or regular size if you prefer, and split them in half and spread with cream cheese. 

A photo, courtesy of Spaztastic Photos

*photo is copyrighted, so just don't. Plus, it's rude.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Ironic I blogged about weather yesterday...

For anyone that lives here, you probably don't need to read on, as you already know what happened today. For those of you who don't, you missed one helluva ride! 

Woke up twice to no power, saw no point in arising, so we slept in... we finally got power, got up, and started our day, only to have thunder tell us "No!" So we shut down the computers, and thats when the rain and lightening started. The clouds were moving so fast, all of a sudden it was white and bright out, and I went to the back of the house to grab something and before I could get back, I heard rain POUNDING the side of the house. I went to the front door and you can't see 3 feet in front of you. Being from Texas, I'm no dope, and I run to get Rick, we call my Dad, turn on the tv where the weatherman is talking about a tornado heading east and the epicenter of this major storm is right over where we live. Then the power went out.

Rick decided to go out and see if he could get out and down to college, no dice. He called my Mom (we have poor cell reception and with no home phone, it's hard to get me) who texted me and I amazingly had enough signal to call her. So I grabbed the laptop, mifi, and our hiking backpack (has all the survival stuff in it anyway) and to the truck! We met at Walmart and waited it out in the warm truck where we have electricity (which our house didn't) and apparently the damage all over town is pretty bad. We saw full trees uprooted and tossed like they were sticks. The backroads to our house are covered in debris, fences are down, there were live wires all over town, accidents, no power anywhere in the county, a market had the windows blown out, a house split in half, roof torn off... and I know what some of you in certain places (TEXAS, yea you!) are thinking... 'damn wussies!' but for here, it's bad. We are in a valley, kind of like Vegas, and rarely get this kind of weather.  And while I may be used to it because I grew up in it, it doesn't mean I dig it!  Rick sure doesn't either! 

With no power, my darling husband took me out to Logan's where we had some yummy mesquite wood grilled chicken (need I say more?) and some fixins... so I'll blog tomorrow about food and the interesting craftiness around the house. Tonight, we are just happy to have our electricity back and be warm and dry and indoors :-) 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our weatherman is a liar!

We were promised sunshine today! Ugh, good thing we walked downtown yesterday and made alternate plans for today (ok, we went to Walmart, whatever, it's an alternate plan!) cause despite it being warm, it was cloudy and humid and looked like the sky was going to open up at any moment.

I was overjoyed to find $0.20 seed packets at Walmart today (Rick and I LOVE to garden and grow our own food and herbs) so of course I bought 10 packets, to start :-)  We have an herb pot that has our chives coming back up, and we replanted basil and italian parsley.  We need more pots as our yard is mostly clay, and soil is better for growing things, so I've heard :-)  It was creepy though, while I was planting the seeds with Rick, it had slipped my mind that we had dumped the remainder of the worms leftover from fishing with Suzie into that pot, cause up pops one and I nearly had a heart attack!  Needless to say, those bad boys have grown twice the size they were when we bought them last week. Creepy little snake like things. Blech!

At least we got the house a bit aired out with some fresh air today. Hopefully the sun will show more this week so we can *cross your fingers* uncover the grill!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The end of week 1

Drove the 75 miles out and 75 miles back to meet my bff's bf (ha, that made me laugh) and that was that.  She went back up to Nashville, and we are on our own!  It's going well I think. 

The hubby and I are at home today, waiting for the sofa people to come pick up the wrong sofa and we have already chosen the new one we want. It rained last night so we are pretty exited to go check on our grape vine!  Also, there is discussion of planting potatoes :-) Just trying to figure out where, since our yard is full of Georgia clay! 

We are still munching on the banana nut bread and mini muffins so not much new cooking going on here. Although my friend who is visiting in just over a week has asked about pumpkin mini muffins. So I have out a pen and a pad and am working on a recipe.

Tonight may have us trying a new chicken recipe, we'll let you know how it goes!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My life at home

I'm starting this blog as a way to share the things I make, cook, do, sew, create, and chronicle the changes in my life due to a very life changing event in my best friend's life.  My husband and I are preparing to take on the challenges of supporting a very important person in our life... so here goes nothing!

Day 1 - we all give up booze. My husband was like, yea okay, too many calories anyway. The bff? She's probably handling better than me. Me? I'm Irish and Texan... one day is fine. Talk to me in a week.

Day 2 - The bff and I went and met up with a couple friends at bar and drank tea. Home by 9:40. Still up at 1:41 am, laughing and making jokes to the point that the husband asked if we had taken too much xanax. Nope! Sober, or still drunk from Friday. Yes, I'm aware it's Sunday.

Day 3 - well, we are heading into that... and it started with me making banana bread at 11 o'clock at night. Will see if I can post the recipe later. The hubby is already munching on it :-)

Ok well, goodnight all!