Monday, February 28, 2011

Ironic I blogged about weather yesterday...

For anyone that lives here, you probably don't need to read on, as you already know what happened today. For those of you who don't, you missed one helluva ride! 

Woke up twice to no power, saw no point in arising, so we slept in... we finally got power, got up, and started our day, only to have thunder tell us "No!" So we shut down the computers, and thats when the rain and lightening started. The clouds were moving so fast, all of a sudden it was white and bright out, and I went to the back of the house to grab something and before I could get back, I heard rain POUNDING the side of the house. I went to the front door and you can't see 3 feet in front of you. Being from Texas, I'm no dope, and I run to get Rick, we call my Dad, turn on the tv where the weatherman is talking about a tornado heading east and the epicenter of this major storm is right over where we live. Then the power went out.

Rick decided to go out and see if he could get out and down to college, no dice. He called my Mom (we have poor cell reception and with no home phone, it's hard to get me) who texted me and I amazingly had enough signal to call her. So I grabbed the laptop, mifi, and our hiking backpack (has all the survival stuff in it anyway) and to the truck! We met at Walmart and waited it out in the warm truck where we have electricity (which our house didn't) and apparently the damage all over town is pretty bad. We saw full trees uprooted and tossed like they were sticks. The backroads to our house are covered in debris, fences are down, there were live wires all over town, accidents, no power anywhere in the county, a market had the windows blown out, a house split in half, roof torn off... and I know what some of you in certain places (TEXAS, yea you!) are thinking... 'damn wussies!' but for here, it's bad. We are in a valley, kind of like Vegas, and rarely get this kind of weather.  And while I may be used to it because I grew up in it, it doesn't mean I dig it!  Rick sure doesn't either! 

With no power, my darling husband took me out to Logan's where we had some yummy mesquite wood grilled chicken (need I say more?) and some fixins... so I'll blog tomorrow about food and the interesting craftiness around the house. Tonight, we are just happy to have our electricity back and be warm and dry and indoors :-) 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our weatherman is a liar!

We were promised sunshine today! Ugh, good thing we walked downtown yesterday and made alternate plans for today (ok, we went to Walmart, whatever, it's an alternate plan!) cause despite it being warm, it was cloudy and humid and looked like the sky was going to open up at any moment.

I was overjoyed to find $0.20 seed packets at Walmart today (Rick and I LOVE to garden and grow our own food and herbs) so of course I bought 10 packets, to start :-)  We have an herb pot that has our chives coming back up, and we replanted basil and italian parsley.  We need more pots as our yard is mostly clay, and soil is better for growing things, so I've heard :-)  It was creepy though, while I was planting the seeds with Rick, it had slipped my mind that we had dumped the remainder of the worms leftover from fishing with Suzie into that pot, cause up pops one and I nearly had a heart attack!  Needless to say, those bad boys have grown twice the size they were when we bought them last week. Creepy little snake like things. Blech!

At least we got the house a bit aired out with some fresh air today. Hopefully the sun will show more this week so we can *cross your fingers* uncover the grill!

Friday, February 25, 2011

The end of week 1

Drove the 75 miles out and 75 miles back to meet my bff's bf (ha, that made me laugh) and that was that.  She went back up to Nashville, and we are on our own!  It's going well I think. 

The hubby and I are at home today, waiting for the sofa people to come pick up the wrong sofa and we have already chosen the new one we want. It rained last night so we are pretty exited to go check on our grape vine!  Also, there is discussion of planting potatoes :-) Just trying to figure out where, since our yard is full of Georgia clay! 

We are still munching on the banana nut bread and mini muffins so not much new cooking going on here. Although my friend who is visiting in just over a week has asked about pumpkin mini muffins. So I have out a pen and a pad and am working on a recipe.

Tonight may have us trying a new chicken recipe, we'll let you know how it goes!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

My life at home

I'm starting this blog as a way to share the things I make, cook, do, sew, create, and chronicle the changes in my life due to a very life changing event in my best friend's life.  My husband and I are preparing to take on the challenges of supporting a very important person in our life... so here goes nothing!

Day 1 - we all give up booze. My husband was like, yea okay, too many calories anyway. The bff? She's probably handling better than me. Me? I'm Irish and Texan... one day is fine. Talk to me in a week.

Day 2 - The bff and I went and met up with a couple friends at bar and drank tea. Home by 9:40. Still up at 1:41 am, laughing and making jokes to the point that the husband asked if we had taken too much xanax. Nope! Sober, or still drunk from Friday. Yes, I'm aware it's Sunday.

Day 3 - well, we are heading into that... and it started with me making banana bread at 11 o'clock at night. Will see if I can post the recipe later. The hubby is already munching on it :-)

Ok well, goodnight all!