Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Face junk

As my Dad calls it! Anyway, with the ever changing weather round these parts, my skin is paying the price for love :-) I have a few tricks that I thought I'd share with you.

I like to exfoliate and moisturize at the same time, so I take about a tablespoon of brown sugar (turbinado sugar works just as well) and I pour olive oil in, just enough to make a paste. Then just rub all over your face (or arms, neck, legs, feet, where ever!) for about 60 seconds, then rinse with warm water. You will have to rinse for what seems like forever, as it takes a few splashes to get the olive oil mostly off. You don't want it completely off as it will continue to moisturize your skin. Now, I warn you, it smells odd. Not bad per se, just odd, and that only lasts while you are using. Afterward, you skin should feel very smooth.

When my face needs to be soothed, I use a very simple mask. I take a tablespoon of baking soda, and add just a splash of water to make a paste. Spread all over your face and let dry. I recommend staying in the bathroom because as the baking soda dries, it powders and flakes off a dust. After it's completely dry, rinse with warm water.

When my skin needs a little toning up, I take the whites of two eggs, beat them with a fork until they are frothy, and cover my face with them. Let it dry, then just rinse with warm water.

A great toner and alternative to alcohol for pesky pimples is lemon juice.

Also my great aunt swears by milk all over your face every night before bed for the prevention of wrinkles and for porcelain skin. I use milk to calm my face when it's upset.

That's all my tips for today y'all! Any question just email me :-)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mini muffin obsession

Round here we bow to the mini muffin. I have no idea where the idea came from to start making them, but it started with banana, then pumpkin, and we now have a repertoire of muffin recipes that we rotate. My husband enjoys them faster than I can get my hands on them, so I have to hide a few in the back of the fridge or eat them right out of the oven! I think his favorite is my pumpkin recipe. I also bought some one time use mini loaf pans to try out the recipes as loafs, and they are working out wonderfully! I totally recommend you hit up your local World Market and buy a dozen of the silicone mini cups for $2.49 and try it out. Normally I despise the silicone, but for the mini muffins, they are delightful.

Tip: cleaning the cups seems easiest by soaking in soapy water in the sink then rinse and allow to dry. Also, I still use non-stick spray on them cause I'm a grease queen. Nothing sticks in this house baby!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sickness & bum knees

We had a house guest who left us the gift of respiratory infections. Yay! That was FUN. For two weeks we only left the house to go as far as the drug store. We watched a lot of boob tube during that time. Yep, quality television time, as my husband put it ;-) Even still we had a pretty good time listenin to new music we unnecessarily downloaded and read and googled the stupidest things we could think of. Then, when we're all better, my knee decides to go for one final push and just up and die on me. So now I walk funny. Insert your jokes here --->

We DID however purchase our tickets to see Kenny Chesney with Billy Currington, Zac Brown Band and Uncle Kracker! Being members of the fan club got us some SWEET seats. So if you are at our house, you are pretty much only going to here those four artists on the stereo til sometime in May... take your chances if you dare!

I do have a post about pasta salad and updates on the makeup bag I'm making for my Mum that I'll try to post up today or tomorrow. I'm a bum, but I'm okay with it, so that's all that really matters :-)

See you cats later!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Earth Hour 2011!

How did you spend yours? We spent ours watching the lightening and listening to the thunder overhead. My husband went to get food and saw the lightening 20 feet in front of him that set off 3 car alarms in our neighborhood! He said he's never felt so energized.  Well as part of this year's commitment, we decided to watch less television. Last year we converted completely to CFL bulbs in the entire house. We like to try add a new thing every year to our huge list of granola crunching tree hugging dirty hippie eco friendly way of life.  Yep. We're those people. I know what you are thinking... and no, we aren't really that bad :-) I stole that line from my godmother. We are still rockin out hair dying meat eating freaks, just really into organic and sustainable living in the most eco friendly way possible. Name calling may commence. But no cow patty throwing, that's just wrong.