Thursday, May 26, 2011

Yahoo's Ikea article

I totally disagree with the first item in this article --> <-- My mattress at my parent's house is from Ikea (going on 8 years) and my husband and I bought a wonderful mattress from Ikea when we first moved to Chattanooga. We bought the box spring locally (we had a coupon and dangit, it's a boxspring) but we absolutely love our mattress. And we sleep just as well when we are at home at my parent's house in Las Vegas.

Now we both agree, you have to know a bit of what you are doing when assembling these items (the few times my husband ever swears lol) and yes, a lot of their products are made from pressed wood (you have to be careful there and read the product info carefully), but we love so many of our items from there, which is nearly half of our house. These items are surpassing the also real wood (we buy real wood 90% of the time) items purchased locally and from (omg we will get together and rant later about that!).

Feel free to chime in, but that is our opinions.

Much love,
Rick and Heather

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Surgery and my MIA

Hey y'all!
I've been a bit absent but I have a few reasons. #1 I had surgery. It was knee surgery to fix an old injury from snowboarding, then a more recent injury to the old injury slipping on the ice trying to take a romantic stroll with my darling boyfriend (Rick, my hubby now) and the doctor said it was a great success! So I should be back in the kitchen soon kiddies!

I hope you enjoyed my post on face junk. I have to say, for someone who has been bathing in the sink since Tuesday (it's now 2 am Monday morning), I can't believe how much I rely on these simple at home concoctions. They've helped me stay clean and fresh!

I have also been working on vegan muffins for my dear twitter friend (follow her, she is the effin BOMB)Audrey Layne!/AudreyLayne (her twitter has a link to her kickin etsy shop).

Finally, I've been busy working on my orders from Rockin Baja in SoCal and for catering the sweets for a government function, also in Cali.

Please keep emailing your lovely recipes and ideas. Much love to you all!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Easter sandwiches!

As any good Bad Catholic, my Dad and I celebrated Good Friday with Salami sandwiches. Rick would not partake and opted for his veggie burgers. He's not even Catholic and he's better than us! He he he anyway we were able to score some fairly decent french bread (not that soft mushy junk), and we clear out a bit of the insides to make room for genoa salami, american cheese, a little chopped tomato, diced bell pepper (any color), diced celery, a little onion (we use yellow), a drizzle of olive oil and a dash of italian seasoning and voila! A sandwich fit for the Gods. Exhibit A: