Saturday, June 18, 2011

My recovery

Hey y'all!
My recovery for my knee is going really well! I wore jeans for the first time this week and while it's still a little weird, it's good progress! My physiotherapist says I progressed faster than he ever thought and I have great range of motion and flexibility. Rick and I had hoped to go on a hike today for our 6 month anniversary but a major thunderstorm thwarted our plans. Boo on that!

My knee did hold up in our attempts to go to Riverbend. We missed Miranda Lambert cause of a different storm, and ended up staying in with my Mom and watching Gulliver's Travels (with Jack Black) which was really cute! We also missed Alan Jackson because we sort of got into a fight with a big ol broad who was pushing around lil kids. Uncool in our book! We DID see Huey Lewis and the News and Starship with Mickey Thomas, which was totally badass!

Well I am going to post this before we lose power for the 8th time today.