Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lime chicken - recipe

Ok so dig it like somehow I came back from Texas with a lime in my purse. I'm pretty sure this was Eric Keyes's doing so anyway I'm like, hey, I'm going to cut this bad boy up and plant these seeds and grow me some of my very own limes. For what purpose I do not know at said time. Well son of a gun it's seedless. So here I am with a cut up seedless lime and it's about 8 in the p.m. so I guess I should make dinner... so here we go!

Adjust accordingly...
What you'll need:
2 Chicken Breasts (unless you buy those monstrosities at Whoole Foods, then you'll need like 1/2 of one)
a lime
1/2 c flour (I use organic unbleached)
1/4-1/2 tsp salt (I use sea salt)
1 1/2 TB butter
1-2 cloves garlic, diced
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper (trust me, it aint gonna make it all spicy)
a dash of nutmeg

Take 2 chicken breasts (I cut into quarters so I have 8 small pieces of chicken), throw them in a bowl with the flour and salt (I don't like a lot of salt, so that's why I suggest using more if you are a salt fiend, or a smoker) and toss around.

Meanwhile, in a skillet (big enough to hold all the chicken breasts or pieces), melt the butter on low and throw in the diced up garlic (again, as in the butter instance, see above, if you're a garlic lover, add more, otherwise, stick with less) and the cayenne til it's all melted together.

Shake off the chicken and really make sure that while it's sufficiently coated, that you don't have a thick layer of flour, otherwise, you are going to taste it later, and if you were one of those kids who though "shit, I wonder what plain flour tastes like" you know what I'm talking about.

Ok I went off track. I use tongs, but use whatever you want, and gently place the chicken into the skillet. Don't drop unless you are into having flaming hot butter fly onto your skin and sear you like a calf being branded. Now here is where it gets tricky: depending on the size of the chicken, you are going to have to cook it at varying times, some longer than others. Flip about half way. If you aren't sure if it's done, just cut into it. It's way easier than playing with that thermometer you received as a wedding gift that is still in the package. Or in our case, we broke trying to fry an egg on the engine of the truck

Once the chicken is cooked through and through, place on a dish and squeeze fresh lime over... if it has seeds, squeeze upright, catching the seeds at the top, or be fancy and get yerself some cheesecloth next time yer at Whole Foods.