Monday, September 5, 2011

Watermelon sorbet FAIL

So I had leftover watermelon, and I looked up recipes to make sorbet, but something went amiss between the thought "hey I should make watermelon sorbet" and "holy shit this smells like a sewage spill". Into the trash! No dessert today. Well, I made a smoothie. I'm the smoothie queen.

This week was almond milk, peaches, banana, strawberries and ice. I never need to add white sugar... although technically there is cane juice in the almond milk... so... I guess I'm a cheater. Don't let me near a blackjack table, Vegas!

But hey, I encourage you to get out the blender and have fun. Make concoctions. Get the kids and make edible science experiments :-) Let me know what happens!

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