Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eastern to Western medicine

My Mom always seemed to live by a rule: Except in extreme cases, always try all of the eastern and homeopathic and natural remedies you could, and if that all failed, then switch to western medicine. It's worked so far and today, after 4 days of shooting warm salt water up my nose with no improvement for my congestion, I switched to shooting the western medicine up my nose. I feel SO much better. It's not even that bad, it's sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate and one other thing with water, so it's not like I'm pumping steroids up there. Sometimes you just need that extra kick that lab researchers spend their lifetimes creating for us. I think I have some kind of summer flu. Rick has been trying everything under the sun to make me feel better, but I think it's time for some bigger ammunition... not prescription just yet, but at least OTC. Hopefully then, even if I don't feel better, I wont care as much! :-) If you have any favorite at home remedies, let me know!