Friday, October 5, 2012

Wow I do NOT post a lot!

I have plenty of excuses, but I think when you start a blog, you should stick with it. So uh... here's me at home. Get it? Ahahaha! Okay whatever it was funny.
What can I say, I had a dull moment :-D


  1. It's a lovely picture! I don't get the joke.

    Since my blogs multiplied like rabbits, I don't post as much on any single one. Even I can't spend all day writing blog posts. Not to mention Twitter-- that siphons off a lot of content too. I kind of miss the old days.

  2. I said it's me at home, and my blog title is "Heather at Home" lol

    it's all about google+ now honey :-) There are not a lot of people on it yet hehehe

    I love your blog(s)! And I'm still planning to take a trip!